Sunday Masses

6:00 pm Saturday Vigil Mass
9:30 am Sunday Mass

Weekday Masses

9:00 am Monday to Friday
except Tuesday 7:00 pm 
10:00 am Saturday

Note: The weekday Mass time can sometimes change so please check with the latest newsletter.


5.00 pm - 5.45 pm Saturday (and upon request)

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True Life in God Prayer Group

True Life in God Messages, which have been approved by the Church, have been translated into many languages. There are TLIG groups, which are all ecumenical, throughout the world. In the Messages God ask us for greater repentance, reconciliation, peace, love and above all, the unity of the Christian churches.

Our own parish group meets on Thursday at 7.30pm for Rosary, intercessions and Bible reading.

For further details visit or contact Jadviga Fiddler on 01904 867426