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All meetings take place in the Parish Centre at 7:30pm on alternate Tuesdays unless otherwise stated.
17th July. Strawberry Tea and short film “Marvellous !”

At a recent meeting of the Parochial Church Council, which in recent times has met very infrequently, it was agreed that a formal Parish Pastoral Council should be set up which is now standard for each parish in our diocese.  A copy of the model constitution is available for anyone interested and if you are please contact me and I will make sure one gets to you.
The PCC is chaired by the Parish Priest in accordance with canon law but in his absence will be chaired by the Vice Chair Person who will be elected by the council from among its members.  A Secretary will be elected from among the members and officers will serve for one year, but be available for a second but not a third without a break.  Lay membership of the council should be elected.  The PP may appoint advisers (parishioners) up to a maximum of half the council membership.  Representation is encouraged from each major activity within the parish eg finance, liturgy (including children’s), SVP etc.
Total membership should be about twelve to include two or three members elected to represent general parish affairs.  Members should be elected for three years and the Council should meet not less than three times a year.






























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